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“KADAS SONG” is a heartfelt track by American rapper EST Gee featuring Kada. The song was released in August 2021 and is featured on EST Gee’s mixtape, “Bigger Than Life or Death”. The track has a melancholic beat with a somber piano melody that sets the mood for EST Gee and Kada’s introspective verses. Both rappers deliver emotionally charged performances, with EST Gee rapping about the loss of his friend Kada and Kada paying tribute to their friendship. The chorus of the song is particularly poignant, with Kada singing “Long live the real” in honor of his fallen friend.

Lyrically, “KADAS SONG” sees EST Gee and Kada reminiscing about their experiences growing up in the streets and the hardships they faced. The verses are filled with vivid imagery that depicts the harsh realities of life in the hood, and both rappers express their pain and grief at the loss of their friend. The song’s emotional depth and honesty make it a standout track on the mixtape, and it showcases EST Gee’s versatility as an artist. Overall, “KADAS SONG” is a touching tribute to a lost friend that will resonate with listeners who have experienced loss and grief.

In conclusion, “KADAS SONG” is a standout track on EST Gee’s mixtape, featuring a somber beat, emotionally charged verses, and a poignant chorus. The song’s raw honesty and heartfelt lyrics make it a powerful tribute to a fallen friend, and it showcases EST Gee’s ability to create music that speaks to the struggles and emotions of his community. Fans of Louisville hip-hop and trap music will appreciate this track’s introspective and poignant vibe, and it is a testament to EST Gee’s talent and rising star power in the rap industry.

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